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Netsourcer Digital Technology Co., LTD was established at September,2005. We all have vision and work in passion. We provide comprehensive marketing service, inflexible strategy team and outstanding executive team. We make good use of technology, digital media, and vigorous E-commerce. We are professional in programming and managing marketing project for clients.

In order to achieve the better future so that we stay creative and passion for decades. The concept of O2O e-commerce is to provide the best service and self-employed platform, for example TFS, Health365 which dedicate in the health media and e-commerce industry. In 2015, we released the brand new product "allcare". By means of the convenience of internet, devices which integrate cross screen and Internet of things which combine with business all break through the present situation. "Allcare" upgrade the professional service of pharmacists and the healthy lives of human beings.
Taiwan Fresh Supermarket
" TFS " is known as the platform which attractive to Taiwanese and full of Taiwanese delicacy. " TFS " is easy to buy and unbelievable cheap, especially take good care on everyone's health. All goods presented to our customers are of high quality and high standard because of strict selection.
"Be aware of your health because it is your future happiness!" "H365" provides the best and latest news about health which focus on healthy life, food security, health care, drug safety, and medical biotechnology and so on. "H365" is committing to take care of your days and hope everyone have a beautiful life.
"allcare" integrates many features including drug care, health consulting, news of health, and shopping mall, hence it provide the big data analysis, and entire needs assessments. "allcare" changeover the way how we care about our family's health. We can build up our own care circle in order to enjoy wisdom and healthy life circle.
10F, No.229, Zhongxing St., West Dist., Taichung City 403, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
10F, No.229, Zhongxing St., West Dist., Taichung City 403, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
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